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Welcome to Trouble's Blue Pits. We are a small, up and coming breeder's, we have location's in Allentown PA, Bronx & Far Rockaway NY. Our dogs are kept in a home enviroment and socialized with children and family. We here at Troubles Blue Pits are trying to breed and comform to the ideal pitbull. We breed from some of the best line's out there mostly Gottie and Razorsedge. We are not a puppy mill and do not breed our dog's to make a quick buck. Our breeding program is designed to have our dogs breed with top quality dogs and put out only the best. Our litter's are sold at working man's prices and only to approved home's. Our intent is to produce dog's for show's,weight pulling and home protection or just for an all around sound pet.  AFTER VISITING OUR SITE PLEASE SIGN OUR GUEST BOOK AND BECOME A MEMBER OF OUR SITE..THANK YOU........

What Animal Do I Speak Of?


Their love is like no other,

their heart as pure as gold.

Yet while going on a friendly walk,

they?re faced with stares of cold.

They?re so very close to human, 

in how they act and what they do.

Unless you've known their devoted love,

it?s impossible to explain to you.

They are greatly more misunderstood

than any other breed.

We tend to punish this loyal dog

instead of mankind?s deeds.

They are always and forever clowns

with a wish for center stage. 

Yet while displaying this sense of humor

most people disengage.

They, oh, so want to make new friends, 

and run and jump and play.

Yet when they happily approach,

most people shy away. 

Often I've seen children poke,

or hop on for a ride.

And when I felt they might get mad, 

they've only beamed with pride. 

I've seen these children yank and pull,

with nary a reaction. 

Yet media?s not interested,

unless they've put someone in traction.

When other dogs have made the news,

this breed?s name they affix. 

But when this brave dog saves the day,

they call him "Boxer mix." 

They love to snuggle up real close, 

to give lots of loves and kisses, 

Yet they suffer more than any,

from unfair prejudices. 

Their tails wag hard and hips twist, too, 

more so than other mutts.

So those of us who know the breed, 

we call them "wiggle-butts". 

What animal do I speak of,

Whose love is so unique?

If you've truly known one, 

you know of whom I speak.

There is no creature on this Earth

who will ever make you merrier.

The animal I do speak of,

its the American Pit Bull Terrier.


                                           Author: Patty Letawsky                                  


  No Dogs Sold for Fighting or Illegal purposes!!! 



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